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Welcome to the home for a podcast and blog dedicated to the people who work in corrections. Open this page to find out more about this project.

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Season 2 Coming Spring 2021

If you haven’t listened to our season recap on your favorite podcast platform, here’s a link.  Although I’ll periodically post something here on the blog, there

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Everybody Loves Rapport

The average person who works in corrections is not often inspired by the term evidence-based or when shown recidivism statistics in the same way I imagine a

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Finding a Mentor

We recognize the importance of mentors in the lives of our clients. Many departments contract with local peer mentor organizations and we often encourage those

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Career Path pt. 2: Say Yes

This is the second installment of the Career Path series. If you haven’t read part 1, you may want to go back and start there. The series is my

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Pros & Cons

Everyone is familiar with a pros and cons exercise, whether we’ve walked ourselves through the process when we had a difficult decision to make or

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Many people in Corrections use a hat as a metaphor for the role(s) of an officer. It’s often referenced when professional responsibilities which appear to

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Timing is Everything?

I’ve never been one to wait for the right time to act. If I waited for everything to line up perfectly or to become fully

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A Hare-Brained Idea

I  like to pitch ideas to people using the phrase hare-brained as in, “I got this hare-brained idea for a blog…” I use the term to lower expectations

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